How to Grow Your Landscaping Business This Spring With GPS Units

Research shows that the landscaping industry could grow by 6.4% from 2023 to 2030, creating excellent opportunities for businesses to thrive. That growth, however, will likely attract more competition. GPS for landscapers offers several ways for you to grow your business even as more companies enter the industry.

Optimize Driving Directions To Save Time

You don’t get paid for the time your crew spends driving to each work site, so it makes sense for you to find the most efficient routes between projects. On average, landscaping businesses charge $75 per hour. If you can reduce your time on the road by an hour, you’ll earn more money and spend less on expenses like gasoline and vehicle maintenance.

GPS for landscapers can help you optimize driving routes even as traffic patterns evolve. LandAirSea’s SilverCloud app analyzes driving options to find the best options between point A and point B. If a collision creates unexpected congestion on a road you typically use to reach a client’s location, SilverCloud can recommend an alternate route that saves time.

Optimized driving directions become increasingly important as your landscaping business grows. If your team works in a small area, you probably already know the best routes to take. You enter less familiar territory once you start serving multiple towns or counties. An app like SilverCloud can use your GPS tracker to optimize driving routes no matter where work takes you.

Stay Within Property Lines To Avoid Unnecessary Work

Farmers often use GPS technology to keep equipment within precise boundaries. For example, they might rely on GPS to keep a combine within a specific field instead of letting it wander elsewhere.

Landscapers can use the technology in a similar way to make sure they only work on the client’s property. You don’t want your team to waste any time working on someone else’s yard. Property lines aren’t always clear, though, so it’s easy for a worker to cut grass or trim hedges that belong to your client’s neighbor.

LandAirSea GPS for landscapers lets you create boundaries on a virtual map. When your employees can see the property lines clearly, they won’t waste effort on work that doesn’t generate revenue for your business.

You can even set the SilverCloud app to send you an alert when equipment crosses the boundary you make. If you get an email or text message, you can reach out to your team and tell them to pay closer attention to the border.

Monitor Employee Productivity

When you started your landscaping business, you might have gone with your employees to every job site. You might have even worked alongside them to ensure quality and keep your expenses as low as possible.

As your landscaping business grows, though, you’ll probably need multiple teams that can work independently on different projects. Obviously, you can’t always be there to manage your employees.

GPS for landscapers lets you keep tabs on your teams when you can’t be there in person. With real-time and historical location data, you can find out:

  • How long drivers stopped to fill gas tanks
  • Whether drivers obey the speed limit and other laws
  • Whether employees took breaks at the right time
  • How fast your workers drive mowers and other equipment (this feature can improve safety and productivity)

Protect Your Landscaping Equipment From Theft

Considering that the least expensive zero-turn mower from John Deere costs about $3,500, replacing professional equipment can become a serious financial burden. But you can’t serve your customers without professional landscaping equipment. When something gets stolen, you have to pay for a replacement. Even if your insurance pays for it eventually, you can’t wait for them to process your claim and decide how much money you get.

GPS for landscapers can help protect your business from theft. Connect a GPS tracker to each piece of equipment. If someone steals something, you can use the tracker to pinpoint its location.

SilverCloud makes GPS even more useful as a theft deterrent because it can notify you when items cross boundaries. When you get an alert, you can call the police to investigate. SilverCloud also has a ShareSpot feature you can use to give law enforcement limited access to your GPS account. It’s your best opportunity to recover stolen property and reduce crime in the area.

LandAirSea Can Help You Choose The Right GPS For Landscapers

A lot of factors can influence the types of GPS devices and software you choose for your landscaping company. If you have a fleet of vehicles, you might want to invest in a SYNC GPS tracker that connects to OBD-II ports to track driving behaviors and vehicle locations. If your business serves a large area, you might prefer the LandAirSea Overdrive for its extended battery life.

With LandAirSea, you don’t have to guess which GPS for landscapers suits your needs best. Send an email to [email protected] to learn more about our products and data plans. We’ll help you choose the right options for your growing business.