Key Features to Consider When Choosing a GPS Tracking System for Fleet Management

Improving your fleet management strategy can benefit your business in several ways. Many companies choose GPS fleet management systems so they can:

  • Manage their fleets remotely.
  • Extend the lifespans of their vehicles.
  • Ensure that drivers follow all safety rules and laws.
  • Find shorter routes to lower fuel consumption and save money.
  • Give customers real-time notifications and improve their experience.

Getting the results you expect, however, depends on choosing a GPS fleet management system with the right features. Look for an option with the following features so you can make your commercial fleet more efficient and effective.

Satellite And Cellular Connections

GPS devices only provide accurate location data when they can communicate with satellites. That can present challenges when your fleet vehicles enter areas with poor coverage.

Mobile And Desktop Access

Today’s businesses need agile fleets that can adapt to sudden changes in traffic, weather, and other factors that might impact performance. That’s why you need a GPS fleet management system that offers mobile and desktop access.

If you’re working from your office, you should know you can review all of your vehicles from the computer in front of you. Inevitably, work will take you into the field. A mobile app lets you continue monitoring your fleet’s performance regardless of where your day takes you.

Look for GPS units and software with innovative features developed for the realities of today’s business needs.

Real-Time And Historical Location Information

Real-time vehicle tracking information helps you choose the most efficient routes to save time and money while improving customer service. In some cases, though, you might want to review historical location information to update your routes, review driving behaviors, and decide which vehicles need maintenance.

You don’t have to settle for one type of data. LandAirSea’s Synchronize app makes it easy for you to see the real-time and historical location information of individual vehicles and your entire fleet.

Package theft has become a growing problem in the U.S. Setting up delivery alerts will give customers peace of mind and lower the number of complaints your business receives.

Notifications For Managers And Customers

You can’t spend all day monitoring your drivers. With a sophisticated fleet management system, you don’t have to. Instead, you can rely on software to notify you when certain things happen.

For example, you could set the software to notify you when a driver exceeds the speed limit or drives erratically. When you get the alert, you can contact the driver to investigate or offer advice. You might also consider retraining or reprimanding employees that consistently break the rules.

Real-time notifications can also improve customer service. Let’s say a vehicle leaves your warehouse to deliver a package to a local customer. Your GPS tracking system could send the customer an alert telling them when to expect the delivery. That way, the person can prepare to receive their order instead of letting it sit unprotected on a porch.

Vehicle Theft Alerts

Vehicle thefts have skyrocketed over the last few years. Your GPS fleet management system should help you protect vehicles by alerting you of potential theft.

Look for software that lets you create temporary and permanent borders on a virtual map. When a vehicle crosses a border, the software can send you a notification. If something seems suspicious, notify law enforcement immediately so they can pursue the thief.

LandAirSea uses the ShareSpot feature to give law enforcement a better chance of reclaiming your stolen property. You just need to send the officers a link that gives them limited access to your account. They can then track your vehicle in real time to catch the culprit, recover your vehicle, and collect evidence that puts the criminal behind bars.

Choose The Right GPS Fleet Management System For Your Company

LandAirSea recommends using the LAS SYNC to manage commercial fleets. The SYNC plugs directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, so you never need to worry about recharging its battery. As long as the vehicle has power, the SYNC can send its location data to your GPS fleet management system.

The SYNC connects with the Synchronize app to put you in control of your fleet. Benefits of using Synchronize include:

  • Immediate access to vehicle information, including location, driving history, and battery level.
  • Downloadable reports that provide a comprehensive overview of current and past vehicles in your fleet.
  • Alerts that notify you when employees drive dangerously or someone moves a vehicle without authorization.

Would you like to learn more about the advantages of choosing LandAirSea for your GPS fleet management system? Send a message to [email protected] to start a conversation about LAS devices, applications, and data plans. We’ll work with you closely to find a solution that matches your fleet’s unique needs.