LandAirSea Devices Can Enhance Floorplan Audits

If your dealership gets financing from a floorplan lender, you need to ensure you have the right vehicles and documentation at all times. The lender could perform floorplan audits at any time. Even small discrepancies might jeopardize the relationship between your dealership and the lender. Or worse, you could face repercussions that hurt your business’s financial success.

LandAirSea devices have several features that help enhance floorplan audits and prepare for unexpected inspections. Not sure how you can benefit from LandAirSea GPS trackers? The following points might convince you to invest in reliable GPS trackers and software developed specifically for dealerships.

Connect LandAirSea Devices To Your Dealer Management System

LandAirSea’s Synchronize app integrates with most dealer management systems (DMS) to automate your inventory management. When a new vehicle comes to your dealership, attach a LandAirSea SYNC to its OBD-II port and enter the vehicle’s information. From this point on, the car will stay in your system until it leaves your business. If someone moves the car to a different location, LandAirSea devices can automatically update that information via the Synchronize app. You never have to worry that items in your inventory will get misplaced or go missing.

Integrating with your DMS also makes it easier to schedule when you need to sell cars. If your floorplan lender wants you to move inventory within six months, you can encourage your sales team to promote vehicles nearing the deadline. Unsold vehicles can go to auction to avoid the repercussions of keeping them on the lot for too long. Of course, you can adjust your schedule to match any term included in your floorplan agreement.

Prevent Theft For Accurate Floorplan Audits

Most thieves who want to steal vehicles focus on those they can easily access. A car parked on the street is a much easier target than a vehicle behind a dealership’s gate. Some criminals, however, don’t mind additional risk when it means they can steal several vehicles quickly. In fact, about 12,000 vehicles were stolen from dealerships in 2022. A dramatic increase in vehicle theft could make that number even higher for 2023, but we don’t have those numbers yet.

All LandAirSea devices connect to Synchronize to improve your security and prevent theft. You can use the app to create a border around your dealership. If someone drives a vehicle off the lot, the app will notify you via text or email. From there, you can call law enforcement and ask them to investigate.

Real-time GPS tracking helps law enforcement recover vehicles and other valuable assets. You could also help break up criminal gangs and prevent future crimes.

Synchronize Creates A Single Source Of Truth For Floorplan Audits

LandAirSea devices excel at enhancing floorplan audits because they connect to the Synchronize app. Synchronize provides a single source of truth and other innovative features that can benefit your dealership. The app stores information about each vehicle’s VIN, make, model, color, and price. You can even add images.

Some of Synchronize’s most useful features include:

  • Geofence alerts that notify you when vehicles leave your lot.
  • Speeding alerts that tell you when an employee or customer drives too fast.
  • Access via a mobile app or desktop web browser.
  • Downloadable reports give you details of each vehicle’s driving and location histories.

LandAirSea developed Synchronize specifically for dealerships so you can access features you won’t find in the SilverCloud app. SilverCloud does a great job for most industries, but dealerships will always benefit from choosing Synchronize.

Choose The Right LandAirSea Devices For Floorplan Audits

Any of LandAirSea’s devices can enhance your floorplan audits, but we typically recommend the SYNC for dealerships. The LAS SYNC plugs directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II, so you never have to worry about recharging its batteries. As long as the vehicle has a charged battery, the SYNC will draw power from it.

The SYNC is also helpful because you can connect them to vehicles as they come into your inventory. When the vehicle leaves your dealership, you just disconnect it.

The LAS 54 and LAS Overdrive can also serve dealerships well, especially if you want to track vehicles covertly. The LAS 54 has a compact design and internal magnet that make it easy to hide. The Overdrive is a little larger, but it gives you an extended battery life.

The potential downside for dealerships that choose the 54 or Overdrive is that employees might spend a lot of time reclaiming the LandAirSea devices before transferring cars to customers. You always know where the SYNC is. However, the 54 and Overdrive can be placed anywhere to prevent thieves from finding them.

If you want more information about LandAirSea devices and how they can enhance your floorplan audits, please send a message to [email protected]. We’ll work with your dealership to make sure you choose the right unit, software, and data plan for your needs.