LandAirSea in Las Vegas: Highlights from NADA Show 2024

NADA, the Auto Industry’s Premier Marketplace

The NADA Show (National Automotive Dealers Association Show) is the pinnacle event of the automotive industry, serving as the premier marketplace for products and innovation. Each year, the show brings together leaders across the market, including car dealers, manufacturers, vendors and key stakeholders from around the world. From engaging exhibits and workshops to keynote speeches and insightful panel discussions, NADA Show is a proven hub for insights into the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of the automotive industry. 

LandAirSea Steps Into The Auto Industry With The Debut Of PlateLocate

At the 2024 NADA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, LandAirSea debuted its entrance into the automotive and dealership industry through the launch of our new product, the LandAirSea PlateLocate. The PlateLocate is a groundbreaking addition to our portfolio, specifically designed to elevate dealership experience, improve inventory management and mitigate the risk of lost or stolen dealer plates. Leveraging GPS and 4G LTE technology, PlateLocate allows users to easily track every dealer-registered license plate they own. When integrated with our Synchronize platform, dealerships can monitor each tagged vehicle across their inventory seamlessly via mobile or desktop. 

Alongside this cutting-edge product, we showcased our entire product line, offering a comprehensive suite of GPS tracking devices and software solutions tailored to various industry needs. Whether optimizing fleet management, improving asset tracking or enhancing personal safety, LandAirSea demonstrated our array of reliable solutions that deliver tangible results. 

Building Lasting Relationships At NADA 2024

Our experience at NADA was inspiring and rewarding. As we engaged in meaningful conversations and made new connections, we’re grateful for the opportunity to build lasting relationships with industry leaders. Showcasing our innovative products to this captive audience provided invaluable insights into customer trends and preferences, offering a firsthand glimpse into the evolving needs of the automotive sector.

NADA Show served as a powerful launchpad for LandAirSea, propelling us into collaborative dialogues and immersive learning experiences. From engaging with dealership owners and managers to establishing connections with dealer service organizations and potential vendors, we forged relationships that are poised to drive our growth and success in the industry. These interactions reinforce our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our customers. 

As we look ahead, we’re excited about the continued rollout of PlateLocate and the prospect of partnering with dealerships, dealership service organizations and other key players in the auto industry. With innovative solutions and an unwavering commitment to excellence, LandAirSea is poised to revolutionize dealership operations and redefine the future of the automotive industry.