How GPS Systems Enhance Safety on the Road: A Must-Read for Parents

Motor vehicle crashes are the No.1 cause of death for teenagers in the United States, according to the CDC. However, dangerous scenarios on the road like this are often preventable, thanks to technology like GPS trackers. By attaching a tracker to your child’s car, you can learn their whereabouts at any time and ensure they take the safest route to their destination. GPS devices, like those designed by LandAirSea (LAS), can also prevent your child from speeding and help them locate their vehicle if it’s stolen. Learn more about this topic in this must-read guide for parents like you.

Track Your Child’s Location

A GPS tracker helps you determine the whereabouts of your child any time they are on the road. This incredible technology receives signals from satellites in the Global Positioning System and calculates the exact location of any vehicle it is attached to. Then it sends this location data to your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, letting you track your loved one whenever you like.

There are multiple scenarios for tracking your child’s location on the road. For example, you can ensure your child takes the safest route to their destination by following their journey on a live map. LAS makes this process easier by syncing location data with the SilverCloud mobile app, available on Android and iOS devices. Just log into the app and view a map showing your loved one’s whereabouts in real time. You can see every road they travel on and make sure they avoid high-crime areas.

You can also use GPS trackers to make sure your child goes where they told you they were going. If they end up in a different location, perhaps at a friend’s house instead of school, you will know about it! You can place a GPS tracker in multiple areas of a car, including the vehicle’s glovebox or under a seat, meaning your child probably won’t be aware that you are tracking them. Using a GPS tracker isn’t about spying on your child but ensuring their safety when on the road.

Improve Your Child’s Navigation

Even if you don’t want to track your child’s whereabouts and infringe on their privacy, GPS trackers are still beneficial. Gifting a tracker to your child can help them find the safest route to their destination and avoid perilous road conditions. For example, your loved one can type in their intended location on the SilverCloud app and use GPS data from LAS devices to discover a route that only includes main roads. That might prevent them from traveling through rural areas or parts of a city with lots of crime.

You might be thinking that a GPS-enabled smartphone, which your child most likely has, does the same thing as a GPS tracker. While smartphones can also help your child find the safest route to a location, they use a different technology to do so. Instead of utilizing the Global Positioning System, phones use cell towers to determine someone’s whereabouts. While this is effective most of the time, smartphones might struggle to generate data in areas where lots of people are using cell phones simultaneously, such as on congested highways. GPS trackers, therefore, provide more consistent location data in all scenarios.

Generate Speed Alerts

Motorists often become complacent when driving, especially on familiar roads, and might be completely unaware of how fast they travel. This can increase the chances of an accident and put their lives at risk. Speeding is becoming a huge problem almost everywhere, with 9 out of 10 drivers admitting to this practice in 2020 — even though 82% of them know it’s dangerous.

GPS trackers are not only great for location tracking but can help your child control their driving speed. LAS GPS devices, for example, calculate the speed of any car they are attached to and send phone notifications to motorists when they exceed a specific limit. That can help your child be more aware of their driving habits and slow down their speed when necessary. You can set up speeding notifications for your child via the SilverCloud app in just a few seconds and encourage more responsible driving practices, putting your mind at rest.

Locate a Stolen Vehicle

One of the biggest risks for motorists is vehicle theft, which is becoming a bigger problem every year. There were more than 936,000 vehicle thefts in 2021, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau — a rise of 27% from 2019. GPS trackers can’t prevent theft, but they can help your child locate their vehicle after someone steals it.

Trackers, like those made by LAS, use something called geofencing to improve recovery after a vehicle theft. This process involves creating a virtual perimeter around a real-world location, like your child’s college campus or work parking lot. When a tracker attached to your child’s car leaves that geofence, indicating theft has occurred, LAS automatically sends out a phone notification. Your child can then view the location of their vehicle in real time on the SilverCloud app and try to recover it if it’s safe to do so. Alternatively, they can send location information to law enforcement via LAS’ ShareSpot feature and ask them to retrieve their car.

Real-time maps that show a vehicle leaving a geofence and ending up in another location can be beneficial for insurance purposes. Whether your child has their own coverage or is on your policy, these maps can prove that a theft has occurred and encourage an insurer to approve a claim more quickly.

GPS trackers from LAS can also be valuable for locating your child’s car if they can’t remember where they parked it. Logging into the SilverCloud app will reveal the real-time location of a vehicle if a tracker is attached to it, meaning your child can locate their car instantly.

What LAS Device Is Best For Keeping Your Child Safe on the Road?

LAS has pioneered GPS technology since the ’90s and works with organizations in industries such as law enforcement, local government, border control, and the military. Here are three of their products that can improve road safety for your child:

  • LandAirSea 54 is waterproof and dustproof, making it perfect for all driving conditions. It comes with an industrial-strength magnet that attaches to multiple areas of your child’s car, including the dashboard and rear bumper. Other features include speed alerts and arrival and departure notifications.
  • LandAirSea SYNC connects directly to the OBD II port in your child’s vehicle, meaning it doesn’t require batteries or charging. It also offers geofencing and speed alerts.
  • LandAirSea Overdrive has a battery that lasts up to four times longer than the LandAirSea 54 and is also dustproof and waterproof. Other features include speed alerts, arrival and departure notifications, and a dark mode.

How To Stay Safe On The Road With GPS Trackers From LAS

It’s natural to worry about your child’s welfare on the road, especially with problems like vehicle theft, car crashes, and speeding. Thankfully, GPS trackers can alleviate your fears and ensure your child has a safer driving experience. LAS devices let you track your loved one’s location, help them become aware of their speeds, and help them recover their vehicle if it’s stolen or they can’t find it.

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