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Benefits of Cannabis Industry GPS Tracking Devices

Benefits of Cannabis Industry GPS Tracking Devices

Cannabis has been around for thousands of years; however, there's been heated debates regarding either the benefits or the risks to individuals who choose to use it in the last several decades.

Today, there's been progress across the country to ease restrictions to allow people to benefit from specific properties used to relieve certain conditions and elevate moods. With that progress, however, comes certain regulations and mandates.

In time, there will be a need to carefully and actually track cannabis from the field and to processing facilities and more. That is where GPS tracking comes into play. 

What Is GPS?

A Global Positioning System, or GPS, is used to pinpoint the device's specific location anywhere in the world. This radio-navigation system uses many satellites in orbit around the Earth to triangulate this location precisely.

For example, if you have a GPS device on an item, you can track it accurately within feet. These devices are used in various instances, such as to track vehicles, devices, people and even cannabis. They use the Global Navigation Satellite System to track the location where it's secured and provide accurate details regarding the following. 

  • Time
  • Location
  • Speed 
  • Distance
  • Historical data

Considering the attributes, the benefit of using GPS tracking for the cannabis industry quickly comes into focus. The ability to track and monitor each shipment accurately provides safety and security for all parties involved in the process.

Benefits of Using GPS for Cannabis

There's a definite need to track cannabis shipments and batches during transit accurately and even during processing. GPS tracking provides the cannabis grower with more security and peace of mind while also protecting drivers and other assets.

An example would be the ability to protect any significant quantities of cash the delivery driver or company keeps on hand to facilitate transactions. This occurs because new cannabis companies have certain restrictions related to banking, and cash is the most flexible and convenient method for completing transactions.

However, this is a known fact and leaves these drivers and shipments in the crosshairs of would-be criminals. There's also the possibility of crimes committed by employees of the cannabis company too. Having a GPS tracker on board can provide protection for all parties. 

Compliance Protocols

Not only does having cannabis GPS tracking for shipments and batches make sense and provide optimal security, but it's also necessary to adhere to some compliance protocols. For example, California has a specific requirement for deliveries.

Part of those requirements is that cannabis companies have mandatory GPS tracking for each delivery. The reason for this compliance measure is to ensure the cannabis company and other regulatory agencies can accurately track and monitor each delivery or shipment. They need to have the ability to track in real time and with great details and accuracy. 

Any cannabis company operating in California in any capacity must have cannabis GPS tracking enabled on each and every load. However, keep in mind that this requirement is actually beneficial for each party in question and has capabilities beyond just tracking each truckload.

Future Requirements

Aside from California, states such as Michigan also require cannabis GPS tracking from seed to sale. This approach is becoming a growing trend across several states. Those with GPS protocols in place realize the value of these services.

Those on the verge of needing the GPS tracking services of industry experts should consider partnering with top companies today to get started integrating this method for tracking and protecting themselves from losses and infractions.

In the coming months and years, more and more states are creating compliance laws that must be followed, so now is the time to find a top GPS tracking company to provide valuable services and avoid the rush to team up with an experienced GPS tracking company.

Get Top GPS Tracking for Cannabis Now

There's no better time than now to team up with industry leaders in GPS tracking. Because cannabis is a growing industry with an intense need for this service, it makes sense to team up with established professionals who work with dozens of other industries to meet their GPS tracking needs. Consider that eventually, this will probably be a requirement in all or most states with legalized cannabis sales or imports.

Get Started Today

If you have a company operating within the cannabis industry - whether it's a newer endeavor or established operations - you should consider working with LandAirSea Asset Protection.

They have the experience, insight, and tools to help integrate this service into your existing business to streamline the process and add layers of protection and compliance.

Reach out today to get a quote for services or reach out to a team member to get answers to questions or address concerns. Now is the time to take measures to protect the company, drivers and stay compliant within the cannabis industry.

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