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Born to Ride

After months of cold, snow, and rain the sun is finally shining here in the northern states. For many of us, this means the beginning of the summer riding season.

Even with the chill still in the spring air, many have bundled up in leather to get in that first ride of the season. Enthusiasts of all types are polishing, tuning, and tweaking waking their rides from their winter slumber. Plans are being implemented for lazy treks with friends, poker runs, and charity events.

I know that the first thought when presented with a GPS tracking unit is to prevent theft, but that is not all these units are capable of in terms of your summer riding events. When used properly these units can prove to be an invaluable tool in event planning and your daily routine. From charity runs to solo rides they can help make life on the road safer, and keep your large groups together.

Now I don’t know about you, but everyone I have ever known tells me that the best way to plot a route is to travel it (it’s also a handy excuse to ride aimlessly for a day…or 5). The fantastic thing about having one of our units is that it records the path you’ve traveled for you! This can be helpful when viewing the history to find out what roads to cut out, and remember where that great little pit stop you found was located. You can pre-record the path for your run, and use the Map Overlay feature to see where you’re at in the run to keep the timing right.

With our ShareSpot feature, it is easy to send a link out to everyone on the ride so that they can see where the lead bike is currently located, and should someone get separated for any reason they can easily relocate the group. On those large charity runs use ShareSpot to give the location of the leader of the pack, and the rear guards to your local law enforcement so that they know exactly when the group will arrive at the intersection they need to block off, and when the end of the train is coming through.

There are so many possibilities with the features we have to offer it’s hard to list them all in a brief blog post. From planning, safety, theft, and solidarity the options are vast. Identify where your main team members are at all times, and allow those at home to see the path traveled in real-time. I’m sure that I’m not the only one looking forward to this year’s events. I wish all my born to ride people great weather, and safe summer!

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