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GPS Tracking Available for Children with Autism

Government funding could make it easier to track at-risk children with autism.

One of the most terrifying experiences that any parent can go through is not knowing where their children are and if they’re okay. There is no easy way to explain the feeling of hopelessness when you turn your back for one second, and your child wanders away. There is some good news though, a government grant is giving out two million dollars per year for GPS tracking of children with autism in conjunction with law enforcement.

According to the CDC, one in every fifty-nine children in the United States has autism or is on the autism spectrum. Kevin & Avonte’s Law will give two million dollars annually until 2022 for grants to nonprofit agencies and local law enforcement. This money will be available for caregivers and parents of autistic children to apply non-invasive GPS tracking devices to help locate children that wander away from their homes.

It has been reported that almost half of children older than four with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are reported to elope or wander away from their homes. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states, ‘one-quarter of families report at least one episode that placed their child at risk for drowning and two-thirds report risk for traffic-related accidents.’ Accidents are the most common cause of death for children with ASD.

The good news is that LandAirSea has a range of GPS telematics tracking solutions that make it easy and hassle-free to track your children. Our range of non-invasive tracking devices allows you to monitor in real-time where your children are. You can set up mobile alerts and zones on your device, which will trigger an alert if your child leaves your property without permission or your knowledge.

If your child is prone to wandering off, then this is the ideal solution. No parents should have to deal with having a lost or missing child, and with GPS telematic tracking solutions, you will know within seconds if your child walks away from your home or property, and you’ll know exactly where they are. The last thing that any parent wants to be dealing with is the anguish and heartbreak of having to deal with a lost child.

LandAirSea has a variety of non-invasive GPS telematic solutions to your situation. Our high-quality GPS telematic solutions are non-invasive, small, and discreet. There is a variety of different places where you could easily put a tracking device if your child is prone to wandering away from your home, which will allow you to have real-time notice if the worst were to occur.

If you would like to learn more about how the range of LandAirSea GPS telematic tracking devices could help you protect your family, then please don’t hesitate to contact them directly. When it comes to high-quality GPS products, and excellent customer service, the professional team at LandAirSea, has you and the safety of your family covered.

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