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GPS Tracking Device and the Recipe for Perfect Placement

One of the main questions we get asked by our customers is where do I place the unit?

Now we do have some simple recommendations for this depending on the unit in question, and the item it is being attached to. These you can find in our Q&A section in the resources tab on our website. Here however I will get a little more in depth on where you can place these units, and how this will benefit your tracking.

The placement of the unit, as with many things in life, is the key to success. The majority of our calls regarding inconsistent tracking are fixed by simply repositioning the unit. A common misconception is that if the placement is bad the unit will not work at all. This is not necessarily the case. The number one example of this being incorrect is when units are placed in the trunk/engine compartment. These areas are not recommended with any of our units. This is not because they will never track here, but because it causes inconsistencies in the tracking.

Breaks in your tracking happen when the unit loses the connection with the signals needed to transmit. When the signal is too weak for the unit to maintain the connection it can cut out. No matter what while the unit is in motion it will continuously attempt to reconnect. Once the connection is lost if it is in an unrecommended position it can have difficulties regaining the connection. This will appear as though the unit has frozen mid track. To prevent this here are some guidelines to follow when placing the unit.

When the unit is being placed underneath a vehicle you want to make sure that it is within a foot of the edge of the vehicle. If the unit is our 54 model you will want the dome of the device to face the ground with a clear view to the ground. If you are placing the unit inside the cab of a vehicle/heavy equipment you will want to make sure that it is not 100% surrounded by metal (i.e. in the trunk, engine compartment, in a metal safe, etc.). There are many places in the cab where you can place the units. Under the seat, in the pocket on the back of the seat, in the glove box, etc. (the 54 will need to have the dome facing the sky in this area). On heavy equipment the 54 model (which is waterproof) can be placed in areas on the outside where it can blend in as though it is part of the equipment.

There are many other options, and it is only limited to your imagination in many cases as long as the basic guidelines are followed. I have had customers use these units in pockets, backpacks, on bikes, trailers, on dog collars/harnesses, the list goes on and on. We even had a recent report of a customer using this to track a horse! Whether you are using this to ensure your children are arriving to school safe, or to find Fido after he has implemented an escape plot. The placement of the units is the key. Follow the recommendations, and don’t hesitate to contact the 24/7 technical support team. We are always here to answer any questions, or help to determine the best possible placement. Until next time have a wonderful day!!!

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