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GPS Tracking Devices and Vehicle Rentals

If you own a vehicle rental company for individual or business use, GPS tracking devices can significantly improve your customer service and allow you to see exactly where your assets are – day or night. Read along to understand how LandAirSea’s GPS devices are ideally suited for the vehicle rental industry – and how GPS solutions empower your business to do better.

Protect Your Vehicles

Plain and simple, LandAirSea’s GPS tracking devices significantly reduce the likelihood of theft. Many deterrents focus solely on repelling thieves from entering a vehicle; however, LandAirSea’s GPS devices take a much more effective approach.

Due to its small size and magnetic features, LandAirSea’s 54 GPS device can be placed discretely within a rental car and tracked in real-time in the event that it gets stolen. Let’s take a look at how LandAirSea’s GPS devices can protect your rental fleet.

  • 24/7 coverage with a monthly data plan
  • Sync GPS devices to your portable tablet, laptop, or smartphone for convenient real-time monitoring
  • Create GeoFence barriers
  • Receive live updates when your rental vehicles leave a GeoFenced zone

Ultimately, LandAirSea’s GPS devices are capable of alerting you and the authorities the moment a vehicle is stolen. The GPS tracker allows authorities to pinpoint and recover your vehicle, which saves you and your insurance company time and money.

Additional Benefits of LandAirSea’s All-In-One GPS Solution

Aside from protecting your vehicles from thieves, LandAirSea’s GPS devices have a multitude of benefits, such as

  • Cut unnecessary labor
  • Ultra-long-lasting battery life
  • Historical Reporting
  • Asset Utilization
  • Enhance Customer Service

When it comes to streamlining your business operations, LandAirSea’s GPS devices can quickly reduce labor costs and efficiently provide end-of-year reporting data. No longer will employees need to physically count your vehicle inventory when you can see which vehicles are immediately available.

When each rental vehicle is equipped with a portable GPS unit, you’ll always know where it is. This helps not only your peace of mind – but also your clients’. This core GPS function enhances customer support in the event the client becomes lost. If a client requires assistance, your dispatch can quickly reroute them with updated directions.

Historical reporting is now a breeze since each of LandAirSea’s GPS models provide the duration of rentals, when vehicles were returned, miles traveled, speed, and many more essential metrics.

Another important feature of LandAirSea’s GPS devices is that they are fully customizable for you to ensure the safety of your clients. You’ll be alerted when vehicles exceed speed limits or brake suddenly – all of which gives you and insurance companies insight into the driving behavior of your clients.

LandAirSea’s trusted GPS models for the vehicle rental industry are Sync, 2020, and 54. When you’re ready to upgrade your vehicle rental business, LandAirSea is here for you.

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