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GPS Tracking Devices for Ambulances

When an ambulance gets a call, the clock begins to tick. Once a patient is picked up by EMTs, each moment until the ambulance arrives at the hospital is beyond valuable. Read along to learn how GPS tracking devices can streamline the job of dispatchers, provide evidence to insurance companies, and provide loved ones and doctors with real-time location information.

LandAirSea’s GPS Solution For Ambulances and Non-Emergency Medical Transport

One of the most challenging situations in life is those moments where you don’t know where your loved ones are. In the event of an accident, emergency companies, such as private ambulances, benefit their clients by implementing GPS tracking devices on board their ambulances and non-medical transport vehicles.

LandAirSea provides a cutting-edge GPS solution that benefits medical companies and loved ones simultaneously. This is done through Sharespot – a real-time location provided by onboard GPS tracking devices. What does Sharespot provide for companies and clients?

  • Alert doctors and medical personnel at the hospital of an approximate estimated time of arrival (ETA).
  • Alert family members of their loved one’s whereabouts
  • Allows dispatchers to re-route ambulances for an optimized route

By using LandAirSea’s Sync, 2020, or 54 GPS tracking models, ambulances can broadcast Sharespot to relevant parties to get their patients seen by medical professionals – fast.

What Else Can LandAirSea’s GPS Tracking Devices Provide?

LandAirSea’s GPS Tracking devices provide a multitude of benefits to workers and the management of medical companies. Let’s take a look at additional benefits when using LandAirSea’s state-of-the-art GPS devices.

Geofence with Alarms

This incredible option allows you to create a virtual route for an ambulance or non-medical transport vehicle to follow. If the vehicle deviates off-course, then dispatch can immediately re-route them. This feature makes dealing with insurance claims a breeze because the entire route taken by medical transport is recorded on the GPS tracking device.

Fully Customizable For Your Company

LandAirSea’s App allows your company to input your logo and PDF links. This means that when you broadcast a link for a real-time location to a patient’s loved one – the link will show your company’s name and logo. This feature provides additional exposure for your service.

Monitor Driver Behavior

As you know, not all drivers follow the rules. In the case of driving an ambulance – especially when carrying a patient; it’s critical that your drivers must drive professionally. With LandAirSea’s discrete GPS devices, you’ll be able to see if your drivers are speeding, braking erratically, or collide with another vehicle.

Playback Feature 

Lastly, LandAirSea’s GPS tracking devices are capable of playing each moment back for insurance companies. Route taken, date, time, and speed are all data points that can be accessed to prove to insurance companies in the event of a disagreement regarding the events that took place on a particular day.

Enhance Your Medical or Non-Medical Transport Company With LandAirSea’s GPS Solution 

Once you take the plunge into the world of real-time tracking with LandAirSea’s GPS devices, you’ll never look back. Each GPS device is built-to-last, features a long battery life, onboard 4G LTE, and quickly syncs to PCs, smartphones, and tablets for added convenience.

Never miss a beat when you implement LandAirSea’s GPS tracking devices to your fleet of ambulances.



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