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How Golf Course Operations Can Benefit from GPS Telematic Solutions!

If you’re looking to improve the way your golf course operates, then perhaps it’s time that you looked at GPS telematic solutions?

Operating a golf course involves a lot of moving parts all spread out over a huge area coming together in perfect unison. If you thought that managing a golf course was going to be easy, you’d be sadly disappointed, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be hard either!

GPS telematic solutions are one way that you could ensure that your golf course is running at peak performance and take some of the stress out of asset management. In the following article, we’ll check out some of the benefits of GPS telematic solutions and how they could help you operate your golf course more effectively!

The benefits of GPS telematic solutions:

  • Real-time asset management – If you have ever spent any time trying to find a lost golf cart, or trying to locate a specific golf cart, then you already know the pain of not having an effective real-time asset management program. Imagine being able to check where any

golf cart is within seconds of pulling out your phone or tablet? GPS telematic solutions make this a reality.

  • Track valuable assets – With GPS telematic solutions, you know where all your valuable vehicles and equipment are with just the touch of a button. Trucks, carts, lawnmowers, tractors, generators, and just about anything that moves. GPS telematic solutions allow you to place a discreet GPS tracking device on almost anything.
  • Save time tracking equipment and staff – When you’re spending hours trying to find something or someone, it can be extremely frustrating. GPS telematic solutions allow you to track employees and equipment in real-time over large distances where radio and telephone communications can be patchy or intermittent.
  • Enforcing keep-out zones, course boundaries, and speed limits – GPS telematic solutions will allow you to monitor and enforce course boundaries, speed limits, and keep out zones throughout the entire property. GPS telematic solutions allow you to set up geofence zones and receive notifications which are sent directly to your phone, computer, or tablet if specific rules are violated, such as boundaries or speed limits.
  • Monitor the progress of players for accurate course staging and capacity – With GPS telematic solutions you’ll know how many players are on the course, where they are on the course, how long it takes for them to complete holes, and much more. Accurate real-time data will allow you to better track and manage course capacity.
  • Provide accurate real-time data – When you know how long on-average people are spending on the course, where they’re going on the course, how long it takes to complete certain holes, and the capacity of the course, you can better prepare for busy and quiet days. You’ll know how many players you can fit on the course at any time and also how much staff you’ll need to manage clients.

GPS telematic solutions are an effective way to manage your golf course. LandAirSea has a variety of telematic solutions to suit your golf course or business. If you would like to learn more about how LandAirSea could help you save money and increase profits, don’t hesitate to contact them directly.

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