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How GPS Tracking Devices Benefit Food Trucks

If you own a food truck, there’s a wide variety of useful technology to boost your business. Social media and GPS tracking go hand-in-hand, and we’re here to explain how GPS tracking can increase awareness of your food truck to increase revenue— drastically.

The Importance of Location

We’ve all heard the saying about the number one aspect to consider when owning a business – location, location, location.

This idea becomes abstract when dealing with a food truck considering they’re mobile eateries. However, GPS tracking devices can be used to locate your food truck at any given moment. This means that your clients can easily access your social media site to view your whereabouts during operating hours.

Although your food truck is in multiple locations throughout the course of the day, customers can see each location with the press of a button. With GPS Tracking, no matter what the location of your food trucks, your customers can see the location by  linking GPS tracking information to your social media sites.

Pairing Social Media and GPS

Today’s world is heavily connected through social media. It’s not uncommon for businesses to forego a traditional website and instead use a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page to advertise their business.

With so many options available, food trucks are in an incredible position to boost their business by sending their location via GPS devices through social media sites. By doing so, each of your customers will be informed if your food truck is in the area.

It’s frustrating when a customer has their heart set on a food truck’s menu – only to find that they’re not parked in the usual spot. This event could turn them away from a food truck in the future, which will cost food truck operators a customer.

Instead, a customer can quickly look at a social media site and find their favorite food trucks’ location. If you’re ready to boost awareness of your food truck, it’s time to consider using GPS technology.

Choose The Best GPS Tracking Device For Your Food Truck

GPS tracking also works great for those that manage a fleet of food trucks. With tracking technology, you can KNOW where your food truck operators are located at any given point. You can also understand how your employees are driving and when they arrive and depart. Another benefit would be to analyze the historical routes & plan future schedules.

Adding to the value of LandAirSea’s GPS trackers is the fact that they can be simultaneously used as an additional security layer. Although it’s not as common as car theft, food truck theft can and does occur. By having a GPS tracking device, you’ll never have to worry about the whereabouts of your food truck.

Each GPS tracker can be conveniently placed inside your food truck, whether out in the open or discreetly within the vehicle.

LandAirSea’s unique tracking solutions are meant to assist you with day-to-day food truck operations and expand your visibility. Activation and installation are simple and the unique dashboards, web-based maps, geo-fencing technology, and alert notifications can all be seen from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Contact LandAirSea today to find out how our tracking solutions can increase your food truck visibility to your customers while increasing your revenue stream.

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