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How Investigators Can Use LandAirSea GPS Tracking Technology

When it comes to tracking people or assets, nothing compares to the capabilities of GPS tracking devices. GPS trackers have been used extensively but have historically come at a steep price. Now, GPS tracking devices boast wireless capability at an affordable price. Whether for police investigators or private investigators, GPS tracking technology is needed more than ever.

How Do Police Investigators Benefit from GPS Tracking Devices?

Let’s first recognize that in the eyes of the law, placing a GPS Tracking device on a vehicle is viewed the same as searching the vehicle. The Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable search. Therefore, a warrant must be obtained before placing a tracking device on a vehicle. Once the police have a warrant to place a GPS tracking device inside a suspect’s vehicle, it’s completely legal.

GPS tracking devices allow the police to monitor a suspect’s movements without creating suspicion or putting the investigator in harms’ way. In most cases, it’s far safer to observe from a distance when dealing with dangerous individuals.

Render illustration of Search Warrant Title On Legal Documents

How Private Investigators Can Utilize GPS Technology?

When hired to perform surveillance on an individual, one of the best methods is to follow their movements. This can be done by placing a discreet GPS tracker inside the target’s bag or car. By doing so, the whereabouts of the person in question will always be known. GPS tracking devices allow private investigators to view a persons’ location with pinpoint accuracy in real-time.

LandAirSea – Helping Investigators at A Reduced Price

LandAirSea understands that GPS tracking technology has been utilized within the police force and private investigators for years. Many police investigators and private contractors are unable to perform their duties with efficiency due to budget shortfalls.

When a police investigator is unable to utilize this game-changing technology, the public is at risk. When it comes to preventing or stopping crime, GPS tracking devices play a crucial role. This is why LandAirSea GPS tracking devices are one of the most affordable tracking devices on the market today.

LandAirSea produces incredible GPS tracking devices that will cover any investigator’s needs. Small, discreet, and rugged-in-design; each and every GPS tracker plays a crucial role in following every movement of a suspect. Each GPS tracker comes equipped with 4G LTE technology, which means you can conveniently view the location of a subject from a phone, laptop, or tablet.

LandAirSea understands what investigators are up against, and each product is built to make their jobs even easier.

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