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How to Protect Snowbirds Migrating South with The Help of GPS Devices

Retired people who migrate south for the winter are called “snowbirds”. If you are from   Southern California, then you might not know what a snowbird is. However, for all you that populate Northern states, then the term ‘snowbird’ hits right at home. The mercury plummets as Fall begins, and by Winter, everyone is dreaming of bright skies and warm weather.

Whether we know it or not, driving long distances has inherent risks. For those staying behind while snowbirds head South, there’s no better peace of mind than knowing where your loved ones are at all times. Children of retirees can now utilize GPS tracking devices that are on-board their parent’s vehicles so they can rest assured that their trip is going smoothly.

If you own a car rental business that sees a large demand by snowbirds headed South for the Winter – you want to protect your investments and increase the security and peace of mind of your customers. Read along to understand how GPS devices can do exactly that – and more.

Protect Snowbirds with Alerts

Since GPS tracking devices can be placed on each vehicle, they can show both your fleet manager and client the route of the customer in real-time.

This feature creates a safer environment for snowbirds headed South. Fleet Managers can view the clients in real-time. This can also allow customer service dispatchers to help drivers navigate new areas in the most efficient way possible.

Ultimately, GPS tracking devices are the perfect tool to keep drivers safe while on the road – especially when you consider there is an average of 6 million automobile accidents per year. Furthermore, upwards of 90 individuals die each day due to automobile accidents.

Protect Your Vehicles from Thieves

It’s every car-owners worst nightmare: you head to your car, and it isn’t there. According to the FBI, a car is stolen every 23 seconds, which amounts to nearly 800,000 in 2018. As you let these numbers sink in, you’ll realize that car alarms and locks aren’t doing the trick.

Instead, GPS tracking devices show you exactly where your car is. Even if it is stolen, you can watch where the thief goes while alerting the proper authorities to make a quick arrest. This simple device will save you thousands of dollars and a massive headache.

Considering that snowbirds travel a long distance, they may be tired and forget to lock the door or arm the alarm. By adding an extra layer of security with GPS devices, neither you nor your traveling snowbird will have to worry about where the vehicle is.

GPS Devices for Your Peace of Mind

LandAirSea produces the most state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices and solutions in the world. Each of their devices is equipped with every feature you can imagine – all while being competitively priced.

The Sync, 54, and 2020 models each have incredible features to ensure your drivers and vehicles are safe. The Sync model actually plugs into the car and allows you to monitor speed, acceleration, braking, and collisions directly. The 54 is small, magnetic, waterproof, and incredibly rugged – meaning it can be placed nearly anywhere in a car. The 2020 model can track everything from mileage, speed, and stops – all of which can be easily printed in a report.

Each of LandAirSea’s GPS tracking devices can be monitored on a personal tablet, smartphone, or laptop. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better GPS tracking solution than this when scouring the web for GPS devices to equip your fleet with. With LandAirSea, snowbirds will easily navigate the obstacles headed South – and for their eventual return North.

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