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Improve Your Home Health Care Service With The Help of GPS Tracking Devices

When it comes to increasing your revenue and ensuring that your employees are where they should be – nothing beats an efficient GPS location device. If you own or manage a home health care service that has mobile physical therapists, then you can significantly optimize your business by utilizing these small yet powerful devices. Read along to understand how GPS tracking devices can take on a variety of roles to give you peace of mind.

Track Mobile Employees 

If the majority of your employees are mobile, then it’s incredibly helpful to know where they are in real-time. Not only is this a safety factor for both employee and client, but it’s also helpful to streamline services.

For example, you’ll be able to monitor if your employee is traveling to clients’ homes or headed elsewhere while on the clock. This will give you direct insight into how your employees manage their time or how long they spend at patients’ homes. You can set-up a geofence alert when an employee leaves a client’s house, making sure the associate spends the contracted amount of time with the client.

Additionally, GPS tracking devices can even enhance dispatching. By having a real-time view of mobile physical therapists, dispatchers can quickly and efficiently choose an optimized route to get to a patients’ home.

Document Visit Times to Increase Revenue

Additionally, GPS tracking devices can document visit times. Since GPS devices are small enough to be placed in a bag or backpack, they will log the amount of time spent at each patients’ home.

You may be wondering how this aspect will help increase your revenue. The answer is quite simple because you’ll know if your employees are cutting their sessions early. With the LandAirSea Playback feature, you will have the historical data to prove where the employee was if a patient claims that a physical therapist left early – when, in fact, they didn’t.

Reduce Liability

If your home health care service provides vehicles for employees, then reducing your liability should be a top priority. When managing your fleet, you can create a geofence around an employee’s car and get real-time alerts when the car leaves the marked location. You can also get high-speed alerts if an employee in excess of the speed limit.  Making sure your employees drive safely, you’ll reduce the chance of an accident – which saves you money.

Ultimately, GPS tracking devices will give you an enhanced view of your fleet while they are making their rounds. These devices provide an extra layer of employee and customer safety while boosting your revenue and transparency.

LandAirSea’s GPS Tracking Solution for Home Health Care Services

If you’re ready to take your home health care business to the next level, then LandAirSea has you covered with a multitude of GPS tracking devices for your every need. Whether you require personal trackers that can fit in a handbag or a durable GPS device that can be placed in a car – LandAirSea has it all.

Each of LandAirSea’s devices come equipped with customizable alerts, compatibility with smartphones or tablets, and even 4G LTE connectivity. With so many functions, you’ll never be left in the dark.

LandAirSea understands what it takes to run a profitable business, which is why their GPS tracking solutions are incredibly user-friendly and won’t break the bank. Contact our specialist today for special pricing that is currently available for those that runs a home-healthcare business.

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