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Keep Your Snow Removal Fleet On-Track With GPS Tracking Devices

When it comes to your snow removal service, there’s a wide variety of factors that you may run into that can reduce your overall revenue. Damage due to extreme weather, theft, missed routes, and employee fraud are all possibilities when in the snow plowing business, which is why incorporating GPS tracking devices on your fleet will keep your expensive assets on-track, customers satisfied, and even reduce liability.

Read along to understand how a GPS tracking device can help keep your snow removal fleet safe and exactly where they need to be – all during real-time.

Fleet and Asset Management

Nothing feels worse than losing sight of one of your snowplows in the middle of a snowstorm. Plunging temperatures and decreased visibility can lead to one or more snow removal vehicles going astray – as well as the safety of your employees.

By incorporating a GPS tracking device on your fleet, you’ll be able to immediately pinpoint the exact location of a missing or stolen vehicle. This not only increases the safety of your employees while in dangerous weather, but it also protects expensive assets.

Aside from emergency situations, GPS tracking devices also enable managers and dispatchers to monitor and analyze plow routes. By doing so, dispatchers will help your fleet with exact directions and optimized maps.

Improve Customer Experience

There’s no better feeling than having satisfied customers. When your clients are happy, it means your business is providing the best possible service. By enabling each vehicle in your fleet with GPS tracking devices, you can even alert your customers with which routes are snow-free via Sharespot – an easy-to-use URL to share with employees and clients.

By seeing real-time that routes are being cleared and that services are being rendered – customer satisfaction will be through the roof.

Reduce Liability

Did you know that slip and falls are the number one cause of accidental injury, resulting in 20.8 percent of all emergency room visits? If someone slips and falls on a property that has been plowed with one of your trucks, you will have documentation to prove that the facility was plowed when you have a GPS tracking device on your equipment. This small device can safe-guard you from potential law-suits if you have the historical data that comes with a LandAirSea tracking device to prove that the facility was plowed.

Gain Measurable Results with LandAirSea’s Tried-and-True GPS Tracking Solutions

If you’re ready to gain a bird’s eye view of your entire snow removal fleet, then look no further than LandAirSea’s GPS tracking solutions. By providing state-of-the-art GPS devices, LandAirSea empowers you to fine-tune your business while reducing costly expenses associated with insurance premiums, accidents, theft, and dissatisfied customers.

LandAirSea offers magnet mount or plug and play options. Each GPS device that LandAirSea offers is incredibly rugged and built-to-last. You can expect portable GPS trackers that are waterproof and can withstand any scenario that Mother Nature throws at it. Furthermore, each GPS device directly syncs to laptops, smartphones, and tablets – which means you can watch your employees every move while anywhere. Track one or hundreds of vehicles  at one  time with the powerful web-based SilverCloud online mapping software and mobile application developed to provide a truly user-friendly tracking experience for all situations.

LandAirSea offers its convenient GPS tracking solution at rock-bottom prices. It’s never been this easy to keep an eye on your snow removal fleet – all with the click of a button.

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