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Keep Your Trucks and Trailers Secure with GPS Tracking Devices

Whether you’re in the freight business or have a moving service, your trucks and trailers are a valuable investment that your business depends on. Without these tools, your livelihood is over because they are the backbone that does the heavy lifting.

Although there’s a handful of tips and tricks to keep them secure, nothing beats the peace of mind of using a GPS tracker to ensure their whereabouts. Read along to learn how GPS tracking devices can keep your assets where they need to be, as well as other beneficial capabilities that can improve your business.

Know Where you Trucks and Trailers Are Real-Time

There’s a reason why trailers are one of the most popular items to steal – they’re typically loaded with goods that are worth the money. The trailer itself isn’t the bounty that most thieves are after – it’s all about what’s inside.

You’ve probably read about all the tricks to keep your trailer secure, such as using a tire boot or installing state-of-the-art alarm systems. Although new technology continuously increases your feeling of security, thieves are always in-step with technological breakthroughs to get inside your cargo.

The same goes for trucks. Trucks are incredibly valuable because they are always in demand on the black market. Trucks can also be disassembled for profit, so you shouldn’t expect any unique markings on your truck to help you or law enforcement to identify it before it heads to a chop-shop.

So, what can you do to keep your truck and trailer safe? You guessed it – GPS devices. GPS tracking devices are the forefront of protection because they allow you to monitor your assets during real-time. Your protection is bolstered if your GPS device has customizable alerts, such as alerting you if it moves. By being alerted the moment something is wrong, you can alert law enforcement and give them access to the exact location as to where your equipment is.

Additional Benefits of Using a GPS Tracker

Aside from a profound sense of security, you can also utilize a GPS tracker to enhance customer satisfaction. Your clients will be impressed by your ability to give them accurate shipping times and exact whereabouts of their goods. All of this combines to leave your clients feeling confident and secure in your service.

Furthermore, GPS tracking devices increase your efficiency by allowing your dispatchers to see exactly where your drivers and cargo are in real-time. This can be used to optimize shipping routes and allow dispatchers to speed-up delivery times.

Lastly, GPS trackers can even monitor the habits of your drivers, such as informing you of collisions, harsh braking, acceleration, and other potentially hazardous situations. This information can decrease the likelihood of an accident, therefore, reduce your overall liability.

GPS Tracking Devices Built with Customers in Mind

If you’re looking for a GPS tracking device that’s suited to your every need, then look no further than LandAirSea. With decades of experience in the GPS field, they’ve mastered the craft of portable GPS devices for essentially any industry.

LandAirSea offers incredible choices, such as the 54, 2020, and the Sync to fully protect your trucks and trailers. Each of these options is customizable, 4G LTE supported and built to last. They even offer a power-saver mode, which allows these devices to last between 6-12 months without a battery charge.

Additionally, LandAirSea’s 54 model is small and magnetic, which means it can be placed in an incredibly discreet area of your truck and trailer to avoid the detection of would-be thieves. With so many benefits, you may be wondering what’s the catch. Instead, the price for LandAirSea’s GPS tracking solution is entirely affordable and ready to meet your every need.

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