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Airport Shuttles

LandAirSea (LAS) has your cost competitive, rigorously tested, GPS tracking solution. LAS's unique product offerings are meant to assist in daily shuttle operations. Whether you operate a car rental business, a remote airport parking lot or maybe even operate airline flight crew shuttles, LandAirSea products are easy to install and their ShareSpot & NextRide features can be passed along to customers or used by the operations or fleet management team.

Shuttle Bus Management Monitor & analyze shuttle routes and verify safe driving habits.

Small & Discrete Devices can be easily hidden using built-in magnets or adapter cables.

Improve Customer Experience Improve dispatching procedures. Share the real-time location of your shuttles with guests.

Reduce Liability Impact detection, driving reports & customizable system alerts.

Location Identification Complete viability with real-time reports.

LandAirSea's Product Line can help...

- Curb unsafe driving behavior before it becomes a liability

- Provide your guests with access to your shuttle bus location, arrival times & schedules

- Easily see where your shuttle buses are and proactively dispatch

- Make informed decisions that reduce fuel, improve shuttle performance & provide an elevated level of service to customers