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ATV's, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles

Watercraft GPS Tracker Tools and More

In selling large items like ATVs, personal watercrafts, snowmobiles and other personal vehicles, some of the major challenges involve managing inventory in new and improved ways. Whether it's an ATV GPS tracker, a snowmobile’s GPS tracker or something for watercraft (i.e. a watercraft GPS tracker), trailers or big equipment, LandAirSea’s GPS systems offer a number of benefits for dealers and businesses with these types of assets.

What We Do: Watercraft GPS Tracker Tools and More

One way that LandAirSea GPS systems and related tracking capabilities help dealers is by fine-tuning inventory management processes. Doing this in particular ways can drive radically better business outcomes.

Business people in many industries have heard a lot recently about improved inventory management. There are ideas like lean inventory and just-in-time inventory that can help shrink the real estate costs for a dealership. But other inventory models are intended to solve other problems. For example, knowing where large items are in a lot is essentially helpful to dealers in a number of ways. A watercraft GPS tracker is a tiny thing, but it puts controls on something large and expensive.

An ATV GPS tracker doesn’t cost much to manufacture, but it will save a lot in protecting massive pieces of equipment and vehicles that cost thousands of dollars and require an extensive factory build process while doing the following:

  • Deter theft
  • Track movement
  • Build a transparent inventory model

The idea that something small and affordable can be part of a robust anti-theft and accounting system is bringing companies to the realization that migrating to new and modern platforms including GPS trackers is, to a great extent, well worth the effort.

Think about doing a lot or floor plan audit. These LandAirSea GPS tracking systems make this process easy and quick for:

  • Routine enhanced reporting.
  • Ease of use.
  • Inventory tracking.
  • Efficient fleet management.

Compare the efficient returns of this type of installed tracking system to going out and physically counting assets yourself, and you’ll see some of the potential of these modern services.

Dealers can also get floor plan insurance discounts with more elaborate GPS tracking equipment for these large and expensive assets. Those discounts are based on the concept of efficiencies and the ironclad reporting that can be done through this type of automation. There’s no “guessing” about inventory. In fact, there’s no physical investigative process needed, either. The system is essentially self-reporting at all times so that nobody needs to put that work in. That's part of what experts talk about in enumerating the ways the cloud and big data systems improve business processes today.

Why Do You Need Our Watercraft and Snowmobiles GPS Trackers?

Taking a closer look at LandAirSea GPS systems, we see that these innovative systems can provide effective anti-theft support. Users get alerts and notifications if these assets are moved by unauthorized parties.

In the old days, lots had to employ perimeter security,and sometimes just hope for better outcomes in terms of theft prevention.

Now, this cutting-edge type of GPS tracking system makes theft prevention automatic and fully effective for all of your inventory! Use built-in magnets or adapter cables to install devices on your watercrafts, snowmobiles, trailers and other assets easily–and again, you will get the real-time information that you need delivered to you when you need it.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in LandAirSea's ATV GPS Tracker Solutions?

Here's another major benefit of LandAirSea GPS tracking systems. The benefits it provides to the dealer are thoroughly transferable to the customer, too. Customers get insurance value and peace of mind through having these GPS tracking items on what they've bought. Impact detection and driving reports can also add to insurance savings. So yes, the reporting helps with sales, but it also helps the customer, well after the item has been sold.

Wherever You Are

These LandAirSea GPS systems are accessible through mobile devices with a dealer-centric mobile app. That means your staff will be able to access this valuable information from the lot or from remote locations, wherever they may be.

Real-Time Fleet Analytics and Unique Web-Based Dashboards

One of the best modern aspects of new business software is the visual dashboard. Data visualization allows users to "see" their data in the aggregate, making large reams of potentially mind-numbing data accessible and useful for business purposes. With GPS trackers acting as the hardware and the visual dashboard as the “decision support software” software presented to the individual, a user is able to see where everything is and make decisions accordingly. You may, for instance, want to:

  • Increase physical site security.
  • Move certain assets from one place to another.
  • Prioritize the sale of certain pieces on your lot.

Take a look at everything that our proprietary technology offers in terms of safety and security as well as the efficiencies that you get from real-time fleet analytics across the board. Order GPS trackers from LandAirSea for excellence in inventory, and much more, too.