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LandAirSea GPS products can help make your event more secure, provide greater visibility to important assets and help reduce response time in the event or an emergency. In fact, the LandAirSea products are so versatile that they can be used on multiple events across the country so the costs remain low and the transparency extremely valuable.

Fleet & Asset Management Monitor & analyze vehicle routes. Validate valuable asset location.

Small & Versatile Use on anything that may require accountability or visual identification.

Improve Customer Experience Utilize NEXTRIDE to inform guests when the next shuttle is arriving via a "white-labeled" event app.

Reduce Liability Response time is critical when an emergency occurs. Dispatch the closest emergency vehicle.

Location Identification Complete visibility with geofencing, system alerts & real-time reporting.

LandAirSea's fleet system can help...

- Dispatchers manage fleets and reallocate them according to the most cost effective method possible

- Determine where employees are driving through detailed timesheets based on start & stop locations

- Verify employee timesheets based on start & stop locations

- Use different LandAirSea products but have them all show up on the same SaaS Platform