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golf carts & dealerships

Imagine, increasing your revenue, while providing non-evasive visibility of your inventory at a reasonable price. The LandAirSea SYNC provides GPS-based inventory management used to streamline the sales process, improve CSI, and reduce liability on new and used golf carts, vehicles and equipment. In addition to this, our proprietary technology will enhance the safety and security of by providing real-time location updates and geofence alerts with pinpoint accuracy. The real-time fleet analytics will not only provide access to unique web-based dashboards, but this unique solution can also act as an immense profit center. The system provides your customers with a number of security, safety, and financial benefits and is transferable to them at the time of their purchase.

Inventory Management Run inventory reports & reduce the time it takes to conduct an audit.

Improve Sales Process & CSI Eliminate dead batteries & locate specific carts quickly for customers.

Insurance & Theft Insurance discounts & theft-prevention via discreet installation & recovery assistance.

Reduce Liability Impact detection, driving reports & customizable system alerts.

Profit Center Offer the GPS system's safety & security benefits to customers.