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government & municipalities

LandAirSea (LAS) has your cost competitive, rigorously tested, asset management solution. LandAirSea's unique product offerings are meant to assist you with day-to-day asset management activity. Activation and installation are simple and the unique dashboards, web-based maps, geofencing technology and alert notifications can all be seen from you or your clients' smartphone, tablet, and/or desktop.

Fleet & Asset Management Monitor & analyze vehicle routes. Validate valuable asset location.

Small & Discrete Devices can be easily hidden using built-in magnets or adapter cables.

Improve Customer Experience Improve dispatching procedures. Share the real-time location of a vehicle or asset.

Reduce Liability Impact detection, driving reports & customizable system alerts.

Location Identification Complete visibility with geofencing & real-time reporting.

LandAirSea's fleet system can help...

- Dispatchers manage government fleets and reallocate them according to the most cost effective method possible

- Determine where government employees are driving through detailed timesheets based on start & stop locations

- Verify employee timesheets based on start & stop locations

- Use different LandAirSea products but have them all show up on the same SaaS Platform