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Stadiums / venues / arenas

LandAirSea GPS products can help venues increase their visibility and limit their exposure when LAS GPS tracking devices are installed on their vehicles or high value assets. In fact, LAS GPS tracking devices can even be integrated with existing solutions to improve the transparency and accountability required to effectively and efficiently manage the facility.

Reduce Wasted Labor Monitor & analyze vehicle & cart routes and receive arrival & departure alerts.

Easy To Install Devices can be easily hidden using built-in magnets or adapter cables.

Improve Driver Behavior Improve on bad habits & train drivers post event using historical data.

Reduce Liability Review driving reports, customize alerts, & dispatch vehicles quickly.

Location Identification Complete visibility with geofencing, system alerts & real-time reporting.

LandAirSea's fleet system can help...

- Response time at locations where large number of attendees gather

- Determine where your subject may be driving and at what times of day

- Provide your customers with a link to prove you actually were at that location at that specific time

- Use different LandAirSea products but have them all show up on the same SaaS Platform