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LandAirSea Tracking Key 3

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    LandAirSea Tracking Key 3 - Passive GPS Tracker

    LandAirSea Passive GPS telematics enables you to go back and track the device's activity history, including where it stopped and when it departed. Simply connect the device to a USB port and gather all the pertinent information you need. This is great for managing companies with fleets of vehicles.


    • Passive GPS Tracker with No Monthly Fees, Magnetic and Discreet, Location Recording, Detailed Route History
    • The tracking data includes: routes traveled, speed and direction, active driving time and duration of stops
    • Parents: Monitor your teen’s driving behaviors and determine whether they are driving responsibly
    • Business owners: Track and record the whereabouts of employees and company vehicles
    • Private investigators & Police: Log the comings and goings of an individual, or record the travels of criminal suspects and parolees


    Passive GPS | No Monthly Fee

    Waterproof | No

    Built-in Magnet Mount | Yes

    Battery Life, on 3-sec to 3-min updates | 2 to 3 weeks, requires a battery

    Tracking Technology | BeiDou & GLONASS

    Dimensions | H: 1.38" L: 3.80" W: 1.45"

    Tracking Subscription | No Subscription Required

    *Battery life depends on location of unit, access to cellular & GPS signals, refresh rate, temperature and age of LandAirSea asset tracker.  LandAirSea cannot guarantee battery length will last as long as noted above due to factors out of our control.


    • To be notified when this product is back in stock, please email and identify how many Tracking Key 3 devices you would like.  


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