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Protect Your Motorcycle with GPS Tracking Technology

Every motorcyclist’s worst nightmare is heading to their bike to find it stolen. The heart-sinking feeling and disbelief are the initial reactions. What follows is questioning what they could have done better that would have prevented their valuable motorcycle from being ripped off. Let’s take a look at how GPS technology can prevent your motorcycles from being a statistic.

Motorcycle Theft In The USA

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, 41,674 motorcycles were stolen in 2018. Although the headlines claim a reduction in theft, this number equates to 1 bike stolen every 12 ½ minutes.

The hotspots for motorcycle theft are California, Florida, Texas, New York, and South Carolina. If you’re a Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley, or Kawasaki owner – you should be hyper-vigilant; as these are the most popular brands that thieves seek.

Common Prevention Tips

You’ll find tips on how to protect your motorcycle from a variety of motorcycle websites. Typically, they recommend that you:

  • Buy from official motorcycle dealers
  • If selling, don’t give the title until you receive money
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Put unique markings on your bike
  • Park in a garage with a lock

None of these tips help after your bike has been stolen. Of course, none of us believe that we’re about to become a victim of a crime – but it can happen to anyone of us. The million-dollar question is: how can you protect your motorcycle when thieves are becoming more effective in their methods?

GPS Tracking Devices for Your Motorcycle

A thief can be an expert at cracking locks or re-wiring your bike to forego the key. Once all your fail-safes fail, it’s time for a guaranteed method that will get your bike back – fast.

GPS tracking technology has been used for years, but it’s recently gaining in popularity for everyday consumers. GPS tracking devices are small, which allows them to be placed in a discreet location on your bike. They come equipped with 4g LTE, which means you can view your motorcycles whereabouts during real-time from the convenience of your phone or laptop.

Once a motorcycle thief speeds away, you can watch where they’re going while contacting the police. It won’t be long until you have your motorcycle back in your garage – safe and sound.

LandAirSea – The Top GPS Device Manufacturer

If you’re scratching your head when deciding which GPS company to buy from, your best option comes from LandAirSea. LandAirSea offers several GPS tracking devices that will suit your every need. Each GPS tracker has magnetic capabilities, which means they can be discreetly attached to nearly any point on your motorcycle.

The devices’ size ranges from the size of a walkie-talkie to the size of a small roll of Scotch tape. It’s highly unlikely a thief will search your bike in the heat of the moment – especially if you place it in a well-hidden spot.

For such a high-value asset, your motorcycle is well worth the small fee of $24.95 per month year for keeping 24/7 track of its location. If you own a business that sells or rents motorcycles, then there’s no better way than protecting your inventory with the annual package starting at $99. Contact LandAirSea today to find out the best option to protect your motorcycle.

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