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To be honest, I used the device to catch my husband activities and I’m gonna tell you what this tracking device benefits me! I had a doubt that my hus was cheating on me when I gave birth of my first child and I did some researchs and found out landairsea tracking device that is supporting with a waterproof botton option. I put it in his car inside the back tire tunnel which nobody would see and I swear that was the best thing ever! I found out where he’s going and parking his car, I found the place of the girl that he was cheated with on me! Also, where they go it was updating per 5 seconds and I’m gonna tell you , it’s literally a life saver, I used it for 8 months charging it once a week! I’m living in Seattle which’s rainy most of the year and the device was working pretty good without effects by the water! Thanks for whoever discovered it and save my feelings and my time! I highly recommend if you been through the same doubt feelings!