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We used the LANDAIRSEA 54 WITH SHARESPOT for following our daughter and friends progress on the Superior Hiking Trail along the Norh Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. She along with two of her girlfriends had planned the trip for years and was to take place right after their High School Graduation. All the parents were a bit apprehensive about the idea of three young girls being alone on the hiking trail for a month-long journey. Being able to follow them online with the GPS tracker and also being able to share that via the "ShareSpot" with the other parents, helped alleviate a lot of anxiety. It not only helped to see that they were making the progress on the trail as needed but also helped to know where they were when it was time to meet up with them to resupply them with food and necessities for out on the trail multiple times during their trek. The device worked flawlessly. The price of the unit and the subscription are very reasonable, and for our purpose was priceless! Hats off for a great product and service!