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When I very first purchased the landAirSea product, I originally got it to track my boyfriend that was using my father's car. Well come to find out one day someone stole my father's car, my father passed away and this was the only thing I had left of his that meant alot to me, now this car was a 1991 Honda so it was really old. At first I thought maybe my bf was somewhere he wasn't supposed to be but I had called him and he didn't even use the car that day so I used the tracker and went where it said the car was and come to find out it was some man driving my dad's car. I tried to confront them but they took off. So, with this product I was able to call the cops and we tracked the car up until the guy finally stopped and the cops were able to get my car back to me and the guy went to jail! The person who stole my car definitely didn't think there would be a GPS tracker on it. But I'm happy to say I got my father's old car back that meant everything to me.