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We have had equipment removed from the job sites thank to LandAirSea we have been able to get a handle on this problem one Saturday night at 1030 pm maybe later we got a text message that a skidsteer had just been moved out of the job had fence set on the phone knowing that the L.S.A. works I immediately called 911 and got the tracking information going they had the cop call me back they said they were going to drive by the job and check I said I can tell you where it is now I told them the address 2 blocks away they went to job not here Iwas dressed and on my way to fine it they drove pass the address not there because it was already back on the job next day following my L.S.A went to exactly where it showed got to the corner cops Street closed big Boulders had been moved tire tracks in landscape we were laughing we cops came up the found a key on homeless man confused no charges couldn’t.