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I would love to share this story!! My father in law lives by himself in Illinois, we live in Las Vegas. He is pretty independent but he has onset Alzheimer’s. He still drives, much to our displeasure but he likes to visit his friends. There have been a couple of times that he has “forgotten” about a drive, or thought he was somewhere else. We placed one of the devices in his car so we could make sure we had a good eye on where he was and had been. This has already helped a couple of times because he got lost and wasn’t sure where he was. We were able to find him and send family members who live close to go get him and bring him home. Legally we are unable to stop him from driving yet but this gives us a great way to track our loved one while he progresses through this illness. The geo fencing is a great tool so we know when he leaves his house. We love this product and the features. Your staff was absolutely fantastic helping us pick a device, set it up and turn it on!! We have recommended this to a couple of friends in the same situation. Thanks, Dean.