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  • Survey Number: 947

I rent my vehicle through an app platform. Usually, I rent it to people who rented vehicles before and other renters give them a review, so I can consider the reviews as a way to make sure my car will be in good hands. I always attached a LandAirSea device to my vehicle because I like to know where my car is located. A few months ago, a 18 years old lady rented my vehicle, it was her first time renting a car through the app platform. At the beginning I was unsure to renting my car to this person, but I decided to give her a chance, it was her first time renting and I wanted to help new customers too. OMG, I was in shock when I discover that this young lady didn’t returned my car after her reservation ended. I asked her to extend her reservation but I never got back from her. After 24 hours of the incident, the platform support team started helping me with the issue, and neither them had success when they try to contact her. Six days passed and no one got anything back from her, so the app platform issue a warrant telling her that police will chase her in order to recover the vehicle because at that point the unit was stolen. I followed the app platform’s protocol, and I gave them the vehicle location when they asked me for it. I live in the San Francisco area, and my car was located 6 hours away in Los Angeles county. I’m so glad I installed in my car a LandAirSea device and their service because it was the only way to know where my vehicle located in order to recover it. I’m so thankful with LandAirSea services and their gps-location accuracy. The app platform was able to recover my vehicle which was in very bad conditions, but after a deep cleaning and few days of ventilation my vehicle was ready for other renters to book a trip. Thank you LandAirSea.