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Flor Guzman

  • Categories: Asset Protection
  • Survey Number: 1136

Well I like this product because my car does not have GPS and I had a bad experience in my neighborhood my car was stolen from the front of my house it was my work car, I had to buy another one and I decided to put this GPS on it and my car was stolen again but I entered the application and quickly in 10 minutes we were able to find it the police did not want us to go after the stolen car but I took a risk and thanks to the security officer of a Waltmart store we were able to recover the car even though we were waiting for the police until 1 in the morning and the police never came. Many asked me about this gps and well, I already gave them the info for others to buy this gps, I highly recommend it, the only thing that you have to be charger it. I wish the battery could be more longer.