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I have my GPS tracker on my vehicle for nine months now. In July I had a customer who took the vehicle outside of its posted range to Florida. The vehicle was supposed to be returned at 10 AM on a Saturday and because I had the LandAirSea GPS tracker on the vehicle I was able to see that the customer was indeed still in Florida and nowhere near the return site of Savannah Georgia. I tried contacting the customer and he did not reply so I contacted to notify the customer that the vehicle was going to be reported stolen if he did not contact me as to when the vehicle was going to be returned. Because of the LandAirSea GPS tracker I was able to see in real time that this customer was in violation of the agreement that he signed on for. The customer immediately started to return the vehicle from Florida back to Georgia and return the vehicle later that evening. I highly recommend the LandAirSea GPS tracker to anyone that is using their vehicle on or may need to track a vehicle.