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Heather Turner

  • Categories: Personal Use
  • Survey Number: 744

I absolutely love this little device! I love the small black puck with being able to turn lights off. It fits perfectly under the seat of my husband’s work van! Gives me accurate precise locations. Now why I chose this device; I am 53 years old and have been with my husband for 30 years and married for 26 of them. When we met I was pretty broken from last two marriages, between the constant cheating there was also severe emotional and physical abuse. It took my husband about 2 years to bring my wall down enough to trust him. He made promise after promise that he wouldn’t or couldn’t ever do that me. He has known all these years how broken & messed up I was when we met and why. Then in 2015 he cheated on me, the affair lasted 4 months, I didn’t find out until month 3, this almost completely destroyed me. Last year the day before our 26th wedding anniversary I found stuff that made no sense and when I asked him he gave the lamest most unbelievable explanation so to see for myself if my gut feeling was correct I got this device and started watching where he went, especially on days that he said he was working late, I started to see that he was in a different town 2 hours from his “job site”. So I sat on this and watched for months screen shot all the times he lied about location, matched with his text messages. When I confronted him he lied & denied until I showed him hard proof. Then he just stared at me and started apologizing and that if I was willing to give him a chance no matter how small of a chance that he would do anything including counseling turning on location every time he left, he even took the password off his cell phone so I could look at it anytime without his permission or even knowledge. It’s been a few months now and I have to say that he still don’t know I use my secret weapon and track him I also put an invisible app on his phone and he hasn’t done or said anything to the other woman. He called and went to see a marriage counselor 4 times before he asked me to go with for a joint session. This device most likely saved my sanity as well as my marriage. Thank you thank you Heather