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  • Categories: Theft Recovery
  • Survey Number: 291

This product is amazing! The accuracy is unmatched. Other trackers I’ve tried would show me on the wrong streets in the wrong areas. This one is accurate down to where and how I park! I also love the frequency options. I can choose how often it shows. I started at 1 minute intervals and quickly increased it to 10 second intervals. The graphics used are detailed and one can zoom in and out very close or very far. The streets are even labeled another feature not found in any other tracker I’ve used. I use this product for my and my daughter’s safety while out, so even if our phone isn’t working or dies, we are able to see each other with regards to where the car is incase something were to happen. It has a magnet and is resistant to the elements which is useful. We have it hidden in the car, so incase it’s stolen, it can be quickly located. The battery on this is also excellent. At 10 second intervals, so far I’ve seen the battery last at least 2 weeks. I haven’t yet tested it beyond that, but I’m sure it would last longer than even that. Overall this is a wonderful product. I’ve had it for about 3 months now and this is the best on the market by far.