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J S Posey

  • Categories: Asset Protection
  • Survey Number: 5

We put the product (GPS) into our checked bag and headed from US to Lyon France. Our bag was not available when we landed, so we considered it lost and went on to our hotel, but when we logged into our app to see if we could find our luggage, low and behold we saw it was at the terminal in Lyon. We contacted our carrier and they said they would look for it and we waited and waited till we took it on our own to take a taxi back to the terminal to see if we could retrieve. We ended up using the app to pinpoint the exact building our luggage was located and the young man was nice enough to look for and find it. Without the device and app, we Ard fairly sure our bag would not have been found or at the very least would not have been returned to us until after the trip. We were fortunate enough to prepare in advance and had separated thing into our carry-on that we needed, but we had a lot in our checked baggage that we definitely needed and thanks to the GPS tracking and our willingness to not rely on the carry we ended up having a wonderful trip and thankful for the purchase made to land sea and air