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I use these to track our work vehicles. As a small business, we rely on these for the security of our vehicles and from time to time I can see if our techs are finished with a project and are on their way to the next job if a customer is asking for an ETA. If we needed to check up on an employee that has a work vehicle to see what time they left work on any particular day, we can look up that day and see where and when they were in any location. It helps us to know these things if we can’t get ahold of someone that is supposed to be working and we can see that the vehicle is still on the job. A month ago, something flew out the back of one of our work trucks and damaged a vehicle behind them on the highway. I was able to know their exact location and time where it had happened because of these devices showing where they had pulled over. We are very pleased with LandAirSea for having such reliable products.