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James Filakousky

  • Categories: Trailers
  • Survey Number: 991

I love my LandAirSea 54 I have made my money back on this purchase hand over fist in at the end of 2021 I bought a new cargo trailer for $9235 Since we parked the vehicle behind our office in a locked gated parking lot I decided just for the heck of it to stick a LandAirSea 54 turn off the chassis of this brand new trailer less than 90 days after buying a trailer on a Saturday evening someone stalled the new trailer my old trailer And my neighbors flatbed trailer they stashed the trailers about a block away behind another industrial building so they could come back later and retrieve them my coworker just happened to go in on a Sunday and called me that morning to ask where the trailers were I tracked the LandAirSea 54 That showed that the trailers were a block away we went to that business at 10 o’clock in the morning so happens the owner of that business just happened to come in on a Sunday also to get some paperwork done and was wondering why these trailers were stashed next to his building he had four video cameras and could see what the crook had done we called the police of course and were able to retrieve our trailers that day less than 24 hours after they were stolen however my neighbors trailer he was unable to get his back for three weeks until police had found it a Bandan a city away My neighbor paid over $300 for towing in impound fees my LandAirSea 54 with a two-year membership was less than that I have photographs that I would love to share with you if this would help at all in promoting your product I tell a lot of people about your product and show them how easy the app is I am so thankful that we were able to retrieve our $9000 trailer and my 20 year old smaller trailer which is still valued at about $3500 Most people never get their property back when it’s a trailer because it’s so easy to take a license plate off of another trailer again I’m very thankful that you guys created Such an awesome product I would love to share photos with you you can email me or call me on my cell phone or text me 714-287-5479 thanks again