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I placed the vehicle tracker in my teenage son's vehicle mostly so I could track where he is going and when as well as speed information, etc. Mostly this is just for my peace of mind but there have been a couple of situations where I was very glad to be able to see the vehicle location in real time. Most notable was a few weeks ago when I was up early and looked to make sure the vehicle was home and found that it was not. I checked the history and found the vehicle had been moved around 5:00 a.m. but my son was at home. At first, I thought the car had been stolen but then quickly recognized based on the vehicle's current location that it had been towed. In fact, my son parked in a reserved parking spot without the proper permit attached to the car. We were able to locate the car and retrieve it before the charges started mounting and in time to get him to work on time. And, yes, I made him pay the tow company charges. Lesson learned but it was so reassuring to be able to find the car quickly and respond. It would have been a real hassle without the LandAirSea tracker. Love this tool.