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My youngest son started hanging around a rather unsavory group of individuals & began to go missing for hours at a time, so at the urging of a friend of mine who is a private investigator I ordered two trackers so that I could be able to swap them out when their batteries needed a recharge. Needless to say, not only did the tracking devices reveal his whereabouts, it also revealed his speeds at which he was traveling. I was able to pass the information collected on to the proper authorities and nipped some issues in the bud. Thankfully, my son no longer is involved with these individuals and is making strides to a better future. One can’t argue with facts, and when I presented the facts of his whereabouts, there was no argument. The trackers were spot on at every stop he made. Always lead me right to him, not just to the general vicinity. I cannot say enough good things about the LandAirSea products! They saved my son’s life!