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  • Categories: Theft Recovery
  • Survey Number: 203

So I got one of the little puck looking trackers because my wife was cheating on me and I wanted to know where she was going. I found out with the tracker she was picking up someone and they would go to parking lots all night. It got to the point where I would call the cops and say I just drove by and seen 2 people having sex in a school parking lot just to interpret her night . Well one day the batty needed to be charged so I took it out of her car and put it in mine to charge the second night it was in my car someone stole my car out of my driveway, luckily I was still up and seen the notice on my camera and was able to get in my wife's car and track them down. And yes I called the cops to let them know I was tracking my car and was giving them the location too but fortunately I remembered that my watch was in the car and was able to communicate to who ever was in the car that they needed to park the car in the next shopping center and run because I was right behind them and the cops have real time location of the car too and flashed my light at them a few times. I kept a saf distance and mainly did this in hopes they would just park and go because if you have ever had a car stolen and actually got it back it's destroyed. Luckily they did park it and took off 2 teenager looking males. Cops didn't show up to the parking lot my car was in till 20 min later but hey thanks to you guys I got my car bemack with minimal damage