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Katrina Williams

  • Categories: Theft Recovery
  • Survey Number: 898

I bought this device for peace of mind. If my car ever got stolen for instance. However, 2 weeks ago my son borrowed my car to drive to California. In the Northern part of California they were having snow showers at the time. We live in Indiana. So by the time he made it there, it was a blizzard! The car slid off the road and he was stranded. He tried calling me and couldn’t get through due to the storm. Cars were not passing by. It was dark. Cold. So he bundled up and waited for someone to find him. When I got concerned that I had not heard from in awhile, I opened the app and saw that my car was on a road. But every time it refreshed the car was in the same spot on the road. Which it should have been moving. So after 30 minutes of seeing it was not moving, I called authorities out where it showed he was at and they were able to go rescue him!