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Michelle Kelly

  • Categories: Asset Protection
  • Survey Number: 1017

Our LandAirSea Silvercloud Sync GPS tracker was a lifesaver - literally! I placed one of your trackers on my Mom's car as she has dementia and was still trying to safely get around and live by herself. All was well until last year when I received a ping that my Mom was possibly lost. I live in Idaho and my Mom is in Missouri. Thanks to the LandAirSea Silvercloud Sync tracker on her car I was able to detect that Mom was lost for over 5 hours and traversing well away from her home as sundown approached. Mom evidently did not have her cell phone with her. I first contacted the numerous county police departments Mom was in before we were forced to reach out to the Missouri Highway Patrol. We apprised them of the situation and circumstances. I was ultimately connected with a Missouri State Highway Patrol dispatcher and was able to give them near live, step-by-step instructions as to Mom's location thanks to our tracker's 3-second delay feature. Within approximately 15 minutes a State Trooper was able to successfully locate and safely pull my Mom over. Her car was ultimately impounded and she was delivered home safely. The State Trooper helping with our case said that in all his experience he had never come across such an accurate tracking device! Mom has since been relocated safely to be near me in Idaho but I cannot give enough thanks and credit to the LandAirSea tracker!! Thanks to it she was safely located and our story had a very positive ending. We could not be any happier with this tracker and the customer service we received along the way from LandAirSea!