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I got the LandAirSea tracker for my parents' car this spring. My dad was starting to show signs of memory loss and confusion and neither of them really use cell phones and they had recently moved across the country to Roanoke, VA to be closer to me and my family. I was concerned that they might get lost somewhere and not know how to get help or get home and, if so, I'd at least have an idea of where they were if I couldn't get in contact with them. Fast forward about 3 months later. I am checking the tracker intermittently because everything seems to be ok but decide to check it before going to bed at around 11 pm. To my surprise, my parents are driving out of town on a two lane, extremely rural road into the Blue Ridge Mountains toward West Virginia. I follow them on the app for a couple minutes to make sure of what's going on, then call the police to let them know about the situation, then get in my car and start tracking them down. The police manage to get my parents stopped around midnight and I catch up with them soon after. Both of my parents - not just my dad - thought they were driving from one part of Seattle to the other (which is where they are from) and not from Roanoke to the middle of nowhere West Virginia. They also seemed to be very confused about the time of day and it looked like they were packed for a long trip. I was able to get them both home after 1 am that morning. It was a traumatic experience to say the least, but it also really shone a light on the severity of the decline of my dad and also that my mom was having a real mental decline as well. More importantly, there is absolutely no telling what would have happened to my parents if I did not have the tracker in their car, but whatever would've happened it would have been much worse, and potentially fatal, for them or someone else. Instead of that happening, I was able to get my parents into assisted living very soon thereafter and get them the help we didn't really know they desperately needed. I am extremely grateful for this tracker and the excellent app that kept my parents and others safe that night.