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Hello, I bought this GPS tracker to see if my lead employee was stealing work. Using my truck. So I mounted it on the frame. Very strong magnet (well done). I could see where he was, when he was there, and how long. I also noticed he went to the yard a few times when we weren’t working. Checked camera footage and saw he was taking material. He asked for a Friday off, so he could get some Dr appointments taken care of. I say no problem. We all have personal stuff to do. But I still looked at the app, and he was at an address he was at before. Grabbed another employee, and drove to where he was at. Come to find out, he pouched work from a contractor we worked with for less money. But he wasn’t licensed. So instead of taking the truck and firing him, I called the Registrar of Contractors. They shut the job down. Sat I drove to another location he was at, and it was a job that I had given a bud to, but they went with a “lower” offer. We took the truck, and fired him. And reported that job as well. He basically stole from me, but with Land/Air/Sea, I was able to put a stop to that. Much Thanks, Nick