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When I first bought the products, I was still living in a trailer home with my mom and 6 kids. I had originally bought the units to track the home and make sure no one tries to tow it away, and if they did I would know where they took it. Well, one day as I was at work in the only hot dog stand in the city, I got an alert from my Instafence telling me my trailer home was on the move. I immediately hoped on the app to track it and I noticed it was headed straight for Las Vegas. "How could this happen," I thought, "Where are they taking my kids?" I jumped in my rocket powered hotdog stand and headed for Vegas after my trailer. Once I got there, I saw the driver of the truck pulling my trailer was none other than Jim Parsons! I waved him over to stop on the side of the road, and once he did, I told him how big of a fan I was of The Big Bang Theory and I got his autograph! I then sold his autograph for $63,000 and could finally afford my dream car, a new Honda Civic. And that was my LandAirSea success story! Thank you for listening and I hope I can win some Airpods for my kids!