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Hi LandAirSea team! I love your products! Here is my success story using your products!! I have been using the LandAirSea products for quite some time now, and I admit that I have had some problems in the past, but their tech support team has always been very helpful and has solved my problems quickly. Anyways, I use the 54 to track my daughter who is 15 and she is always getting up to trouble one way or another (she doesn't know haha I'm so bad). One night she came home late and she wouldn't tell me why, lying about how she had to take a test at school and it ran a little late (she was home 2 hours late, a test my ass). Little did she know I had a tracker on her and it turns out she didn't even go to school at all that day!! The audacity is unfathomable! She was at the mall with her friends and apparently took my credit card while she was at it, luckily she didn't spend anything on it or she would be grounded until she was 18!! I talked to her about the issue and we actually bonded over the situation, because I used to be like that back in my teen years, so thank you LandAirSea for bringing me closer to my daughter! We agreed to still keep the device on her car however, because I think she was faking it all lol