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My family has owned a grocery store in northern Vermont for a few generations now and it has grown quite large to a few different locations. As such, when stock gets low in one store, we have delivery vans to help even out supplies between them. I have recently taken over the position as the CEO of the company from my mother as she has grown quite old and not able to carry as much responsibility due to her mental and physical health falling. I had also just had twins, so some extra cash was nice to have. One of the first things I did as CEO was to get some GPS trackers on our delivery vans. I originally went with the cheapest trackers on Amazon which at the time happened to be Tracki. I used them for a couple of months and the tracking was very spotty or oftentimes didn't work at all, so I did some more research and settled on the LandAirSea 54. One day, my wife had a doctors appointment and couldn't watch the kids so I had to bring them in to work with me, which isn't a huge deal as my mother was also there so she could babysit. Later that night as I was closing up, I noticed one of my delivery vans was missing. I walked over to the office where my mother was watching the kids, and they were missing too. At this point I started to panic, as she does not have a phone because she can't figure out how to use them, so I can't call her. Then I remembered I had a 54 on the van, so I opened the app and sure enough one of my trucks was moving north on I-91. This was not normal, as we do not have any stores north of us, and if you got too far you end up in Canada. I was hoping it was not my mother driving the van, as it said the van was going ~90 mph and she no longer has her license due to her health. I got on the phone with the police and explained the situation and told them about the location sharing feature with the tracker. I sent them the link and after about an hour of worrying, they finally got the van pulled over only a few minutes from the Canadian border. Sure enough, my mother was driving with my kids in the passenger seat. I wasn't very far behind as I was also driving towards her location. When I got there, the cops said she was very confused and did not know how she got there, and did not remember leaving the store. Luckily, the police let her go and I had to get the van towed back to the store. Thankfully everyone was okay and my kids didn't seem to mind too much, but I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have the tracker on my vans as the situation could have easily turned fatal. My mother was later diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism which can have Alzheimer's/Dementia related symptoms such as confusion and "losing touch with the real world" which I think is exactly what she experienced. Having this all happen so suddenly was a real eye opener and allowed us to get her the help that she needed. We also increased security on our vans so nothing like this could happen in the future, and I am so thankful there are products and companies like this one that provide such peace of mind.