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I worked for a huge construction company of 6 employees, and during my time as the CEO I would buy all sorts of tracking devices. I would buy Tracki, SpyTec, Brickhouse, Bouncie, and they would never work very well. I would use the devices to track my construction equipment like my front loaders, excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, you name it, we tracked them. They seemed to work okay, until I came into work one day and and I noticed my 1999 John Deere Skid Loader was missing. I asked around my huge crew but no one knew where it had gone. I checked my app, I think it had both a Spytec and a Tracki on it and neither app said it had moved. I looked around again and I could not find the skid loader anywhere. I filed a police report but they said I was SOL. One of the police officers recommended me the LandAirSea 54, so I bought a couple of them and put it on the rest of my equipment and these seemed to work a lot better than any other brand that I bought in the past. I especially like how strong the magnet was against the metal of all my machines. Months later, I had gotten rid of all of my other trackers and used exclusively LandAirSea, I even used some Syncs to track the work trucks as well. One night, I had woken up to a notification on my phone saying one of my machines was on the move. This machine was on a trailer in storage so it was relatively easy to steal. I got on the app and saw exactly where it was going. I got on the phone with the authorities and gave them a ShareSpot and they were able to track down the trailer in about 15 minutes. I got my equipment back and the person stealing was put in jail. Ever since that day, there is no way I will ever go to any other brand. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I love this company!